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Napoleon, the Empress and the Artist: The Story of Napoleon & Josephine's Garden at Malmaison by Duchess of Hamilton Jill Jardin De La Malmaison: Empress Josephine Les roses de Malmaison: Incomparable Joséphine : roman
by René Charvin

The roses of Malmaison - The turbulent life of the beautiful Josephine by Gaby von Schönthan

The Malmaison (Lieux dits) by Yvan David
Le Temps; Eng. ed edition (1966)

Secret memoirs of the court of the Empress Josephine,: With anecdotes of the courts of Navarre and Malmaison, by Georgette Ducrest

Livres précieux du Musée de Malmaison: 27 mai-15 septembre 1992 by Musée national des châteaux de Malmaison et de Bois Préau

The chateau of Malmaison: A history and guide by H Fournier-Gardes

La mesure du temps: Dans les collections du Musée de Malmaison : 29 mai 1991-15 septembre 1991 : catalogue by Musée national des châteaux de Malmaison et de Bois Préau

Roses Prints

Ultimate Rose Book

Growing Roses in Cold Climates
by John Whitman Beautiful American Rose Gardens

Old-Fashioned and David Austin Roses
by Barbara Lea Taylor, Juliet Nicholas (Photographer) (Hardcover - February 1, 2004)
Roses Journal Secret Gardens Notecards
by Thea Schrack (Photographer) roses address book mother's journal
Modern Roses XI : The World Encyclopedia of Roses 
by Thomas Cairns, et al (Hardcover - April 19, 2000) roses address book Rose Lovers Address Book

English Rose Address Book

The Rose: Beautiful Quotes and Paintings
by Helen Exley (Editor)
(Hardcover - September 1, 1997)

Tulips  Thea Schrack Gathered from the Garden -Deluxe Notecards
by Thea Schrack

A Heritage of Roses by Hazel Le Rougetel (Hardcover)

Our Heritage of Old Roses by Judyth A. McLeod

Heritage Roses and Old Fashioned Crafts by Elizabeth Culpeper

Garden open today: Heritage Rose garden tours by Barbara Worl

The Heritage of the Rose by David Austin (Hardcover)


Redwoods and Roses:
The Gardening Heritage of California
and the Old West by Maureen Gilmer (Hardcover)

American Rose Society Membership and Magazine

Heritage Roses Group Membership

Heritage Roses

Heritage Rose Foundation News

Journal Of Heritage Roses In Australia Inc

Cherokee Rose [MAGAZINE]

American Rose Rambler [MAGAZINE]

Historic Rose Journal [MAGAZINE]

Old Roses Digest [MAGAZINE]

Everblooming roses for the out-door garden of the amateur;: Their culture, habits, description, care, nativity, parentage, with authentic guides to the selection of everblooming varieties of roses, by Georgia Torrey Drennan



Ville "Les Roses"